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TRU Leaf Labs was started at our local pharmacy in Carlsbad in a quest to create the highest quality CBD products on the market, initially for our pharmacy patients. Earlier this year, we became fully independent from the pharmacy. Rest assured that we are the same team of professionals that has been with you since the very beginning. All products remain unchanged - from our pharmacist formulated recipes to our compounding process performed by our Clinical Pharmacists in San Diego. We thank you for your loyalty and for the opportunity to continue to serve you!

- Christine and Allison

Pharmacist - formulated
CBD oils and topicals

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CBD oil pharmacist formulated

Our promise

TRU Leaf Labs was born on the California coast in San Diego.

Every facet of our company is inspired by the ocean. Vast, powerful, and pure - our mission is to bring CBD to our customers in its truest form.


We only use 100% THC-free organically grown CBD isolate that is grown and harvested in the USA. All formulations are created by our health professionals and verified from seed to shelf.

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TRU Leaf Labs CBD Oil 1500mg

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TRU Leaf Labs Pet CBD Oil 1500mg

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